Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Asking the Right Questions

Despite doing my best to eat well, exercise, and manage daily life, there are still days that I feel challenged.  I still live with gastroparesis and the unpredictability of it can creep up when I least expected.  Whether the struggle be physically, such as needing an extra nap, a heating pad, or only liquids for a day.  Maybe its mentally searching for ways to cheer myself up and deal with the frustrations of being different.

Today, I read a book that asked the question, "Do you know where you are on your journey?".  It brought up an important thought to consider..."if you want a great life, ask great questions."  I'm going to quote a selection from the book, How Many Days of the Week can be Extraordinary? written and compiled by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada.
"Questions can be catalysts.  They serve as challenges, inspirations, road maps, hints of something better, calls to action, and new beginnings.  If you want better answers for your life, try asking better questions.  Instead of asking, why me, why am I so unhappy, or what's wrong with me, try asking, how can I make a difference, or what am I grateful for?"

I challenge you to think about this and start your day with the right questions.  Where are you on your journey and what can you ask yourself to improve the way you feel, both physically and mentally?

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