Saturday, November 22, 2014

Baked Breakfast Sausage

In the last post I interviewed Crystal Saltrelli for her new book Eating for Gastroparesis, to which I promised to share her and her families favorite recipe - Baked Breakfast Sausage.  Of course I had to experience it myself so last week I made it exactly as she shared on the book cover, served with her Quick and Easy Pancakes (pg.92) and added a small serving of Daily Green Juice (pg.94).  The recipes were all quite simple and the best part was that it made enough to freeze for last minute meals in the future.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Eating For Gastroparesis: Book Interview and Giveaway with Health Coach Crystal Saltrelli

“There is no one-size-fits-all diet for gastroparesis.  But there are a set of effective guidelines from which you can develop your own gastroparesis-friendly diet.”
- Crystal Zaborowski Saltrelli, CHC

On October 31st I had the pleasure to talk with Crystal about her newly released, updated version of Eating for Gastroparesis.  I have to say I was quite excited to read new tips and gluten, dairy-free and mostly low FODMAP recipes-something I hope might benefit others out there with digestive troubles or, at the very least, encourage experimentation.  Due to my own multiple food sensitivities it was a relief to have some new ideas for navigating meals! 

After reading the book in one sitting, I learned more about Crystal's own journey and at the same time, received additional tips and general information for eating well with GP.  Not only this, her book goes beyond food and discusses some of the other aspects of our lives that fall into play when managing GP.  I highly recommend anyone struggling or looking for some fresh ideas to read this book and give the suggestions a try.

This is quite a long post but goes over everything we talked about from her original diagnoses to experiments with food, working with clients, recipes, and her number 1...well perhaps 2 or 3 pieces of advice.  Also, at the end I’ve included a yummy recipe from the book and a chance to register to win a free copy of Eating for Gastroparesis!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Setbacks: Slowing Down to Catch Up

Do you have those times when the more you try to get ahead, the further behind you get?  Those bumps in the road when you least expect them?  You would think by now I've gotten used to them; to plans falling through when you so badly want to join the world, to feeling great one day and waking up ill the next, to having a perfectly working central line to getting caught on a cabinet and going in for another procedure.  And to promising blog updates, interviews and giveaways, yet the words don't appear.  

Following a new central line placement 2 weeks ago, I was sore and frustrated, a reality check that there is a fine line between being healthy and everything falling apart.  This week, after experiencing non GP related symptoms, came to find out I had a UTI. My first one ever, which I know is uncommon.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics, which in the past have been a HUGE setback resulting in weeks/months of increased digestive trouble.  At the end of day one I had terrible abdominal pain so the doctor prescribed something different, an antibiotic in powder form to take with a glass of water.  Still, this freaked me out.  After some careful research and talking to other women with GP who have been in the same boat, I decided to try a recommendation of D Mannose.  It's now day 3 and so far things seem to be getting better!  Crossing my fingers it works and will check with the doctor next week just to make sure.  
Oh, and mom, I know how nervous this will make you but try not to worry!  

There it is, truth be told, unexpected things have come up, life just happens.  And just like it says above, "with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle them." 

So, with that, I want to say that yes, I do have lots to share and still plan to do so here soon!  The last couple weeks have been dedicated to my own self-care, something I seem to slack on (talking the talk but not walking the walk, you know what I mean?).  To me, this requires less time on the computer/FB and more time resting, exercising, and having fun in addition to working from home.  I signed up for Crystal Saltrelli's living well program which is in it's 2nd out of 14 weeks.  Ideally I would like to write about my discoveries along the way and will try to do so as we go.  

The focus of the program this week was The Stress Response.  After the fear surrounding a new central line placement (which by the way went just fine aside from the soreness) and the belief that I have failed somehow in managing GP because I'm on TPN, this couldn't have come at a better time.  Though I thought I knew everything there was to do when it comes to these situations, I've learned a lot about myself by filling out worksheets that show what parts of my life I do well in and what areas need working on.  For example, socializing and support are strong points, I have more than I know what to do with!  But actually taking the time daily to slow down and work on relaxing, whether it be through yoga, deep breathing, reading a book, etc, I think I do that often but since last summer I really don't (the secrets out!).  Lately being distracted, busy and productive are my coping mechanisms.  

Could slowing down and getting back to creativity and joy help in the long run?  Perhaps possibly lead to the ability to eat more and have less "bad" days?  I'm not sure but I do know that there were times in the past when I thought the GP was going away so that relishing in that feeling keeps me going.  It certainly can't hurt to try.  

Now to wrap this up, I'll be back soon with an interview from Crystal about her new Eating for Gastroparesis Book, which is actually not ALL about eating, a recipe to share and a book giveaway.  In addition, the Orgain is still hear waiting to be given away so that's coming up, in time ;)