Thursday, August 9, 2012

Missing Minerals found in Fresh Crab

Two minerals essential for human health, zinc and magnesium can often be found deficient for those with gastroparesis as well as many other digestive disorders.

Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels, helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, supports bone health and helps keep a healthy immune system.

Zinc has many benifits, including the metabolism of the food we eat.

While in Baltimore, I was able to enjoy what they are known best for, blue crab!  I'm a big fan of crab because it is hign in protein, low in fat and easy to digest for many.  Just 3 oz contains 20 g of protein, 1 g of fat, 13% of daily magnesium and 20% of the daily zinc recommended! 

Steamed Crab Dinner

Purchase crab legs or whole crab (dungeness or blue crab), pre-cooked.  Turn the oven on to 400 and place crab in the a large baking dish with 1" water.
Add 1-2 teaspoons seasoning of your choice to water (Old Bay is great!)
Cover with foil and steam for 20 minutes.  Remove and let cool.  Crack open and enjoy the delicious taste of the sea.

That's it!  I like to add a few baking potatoes one hour prior.  Serve half of one with dinner for yourself and the rest for others, or save for soup tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more ways to enjoy these minerals.  Coming up: Cashews and Smoothies!

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