Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Brave One is Lost But Her Memory Remains

I did not know Haley Stonehocker personally, nor did I know any of the other patients who recently passed from gastroparesis compications.  What I do know is that my heart is heavy and filled with thoughts for their families and friends, and for anyone whose lives they may have touched.

When I read the news on Friday, it hit me hard, differently than before.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  After watching her video from a year prior, I suddenly got it...she reminded me of myself.  Someone who finds the positive in a tough situation, who smiles despite the discomfort, and who took part spreading awareness, trying to make a difference in the GP community.

G-PACT, a non-profit supporting and advocating for gastroapresis, shared the following and I can't help but pass it along.  The last thing this is meant to do is instill fear for our own health.  I am posting this as a way to acknowledge what a brave soul she was, to send our thoughts to her loved ones, and by sharing this, hopes that her memory ignites us all to do everything we can to spread awareness.  Make self-care a priority and continue to do everything you can to manage our own GP in the best way possible.  

From G-PACT:
"Haley's story on KSL TV in Salt Lake City. A number of G-PACT patients are interviewed and describe what GP is like and the im-PACT Haley had on them in the Gutsy Teen Lounge. Board member, Colleen Beener, who also did a radio interview today on KSL Radio speaks about GP as well in this news clip.  The teens from the GTL held a balloon release on the track where she used to run to help increase awareness and wore green awareness ribbons. This story has gained national attention."

Sending love to everyone out there whose lives have been affected by gastroparesis.  There is hope and it's up to us to stay strong and do the best we can with what we have.

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  1. i stumbled across this while looking for the articles written about haley. she was a good friend of mine, and she was everything you said and more. she was a beautiful smiling beacon in my life and the pain of losing her hasn't dulled any with time. just.. thank you for writing about her. you hit the nail on the head. she was one of the few people who could always lift me up and make me smile through this journey with this awful, terrible, life-stealing disease.