Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another GP Holiday Season Begins - Finding Thanks

How different it is to wake up on Thanksgiving morning, knowing the day is not all about indulging in endless amounts of food dishes.  This is now my 5th year with gastroparesis during the holidays.  I remember the first couple times being mostly in denial and, despite the special gluten free recipes, feeling so sick afterwards.  On one hand I was too proud and the other, too embarrassed to be complicated.  Food was my passion, how could I give it up?

Is this your first holiday season with GP and feeling anxious?   Or, maybe you have finally gotten used to being a little different and found peace with it.  Whatever the situation is, and this is something I repeat often, know that you are not alone.  Don't just say this to yourself, share it with everyone around you.  Some may think it's all in our heads or we are just being difficult, but not being able to eat certain foods, eat very much of it, or for some not eat at all, is VERY real.

Now, on to what this holiday is really thanks. Yes, food is wonderful and comforting and I do hope that those who indulge are incredibly thankful for the ability to do so.  But, how about indulging in what WE do have.  That is the goal for today and as the holiday season unwinds.  Shifting the focus to the small things in life (and the big!) that bring joy and comfort, just as much (or at least close, haha) to a piece of pecan pie.

I am thankful for all the love and support around me, including my wonderful husband, family, friends, the community I live in, and everyone here and on the FB page supporting each other.
I am thankful for the foods I am able to tolerate, even if sometimes the list is short.
I am thankful for my adorable puppy, Luna, a wonderful daily dose of healing therapy.
I am thankful for the small things, like the very small cup of local coffee I can tolerate, fresh air, good books, blogging, living in a free country, heating pads, clothes on my back, yoga, and hot tea.

As far as food goes, I am still making some dishes, both GP and non-GP friendly.  Sweet potato casserole, gluten free pumpkin cornbread, and creamed spinach.  T is in charge of making turkey this year, which we will be packing up early this afternoon to join the rest of the family.


Find something non-food related to indulge in.  I bring my knitting to work on and keep my hands busy.  Crafts, games, books, magazines, or maybe the paper to start planning your Christmas shopping.

If you have more variety in your diet, allow yourself to have small portions of a few dishes that work for you, as opposed to a big bowl of mashed potatoes.

Write down 3 things you can be thankful for and repeat them whenever you feel frustrated with what can't be had.

BREATHE and LAUGH whenever possible!  Both have been proven to reduce stress and relieve pain.

Feeling lonely today or have some tips to share with others?  Join the community here or on Facebook and leave a comment.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and warm wishes to feeling your best. 
With gratitude,

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