Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, New Choices

As I was thinking about what to share for inspiration as 2013 comes to an end I started thinking about what it meant to start a new year.  Sure, we make our resolutions such as go to the gym, eat better, love more and so on.  Of course they are good choices that will help us on our journey to feeling the best we can.  But should we go deeper than that?   Or how about keeping it simple?  Honestly, when I sat down to write my own goals what immediately came to mind was just making the most out of each day and being grateful for what I already have.

This came to me today just moments after finding out that my PICC line (used for TPN, aka IV nutrition) has pulled out too far and needs to be replaced.  Great.  Now I get to start off the new year with a new procedure, with a lovely choice between a port or Hickman line this time.  Tears immediately flooded my eyes, can't I just be like everyone else and the big decision for New Years Eve be a choice between a membership to the gym or yoga studio?  Or how about between a martini and glass of pinot?
I took a deep breath in, closed my eyes and gave myself a few moments to be upset.  Sure it's not fair but if we stop comparing ourselves to others and look deep into our own lives, what we DO have and make the best of it, well then, maybe things will turn out fine.  And I'm okay with that.  They do say that the new year brings a chance for new beginnings right?
So with that I say as long as I get through the day and make the best of each one in 2014 (remembering not every day has to be super productive), no matter what challenge comes my way, then things will be alright.

Just in case you do fancy a little celebration beverage, non-alcoholic of course, then check out these ideas from a post in 2011!  

Happy New Year to you and thanks for being a part of my journey as we head into 2014 :)

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