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Tummy Gummies - REAL Food Recipe

Last year I shared a recipe for GP Gela-tea, a simple and soothing treat to have during a liquid diet or even just to snack on for some extra easy to digest nutrients.  As I wrote previously, it is shocking to be in a hospital for stomach problems and then be served coffee, Ensure (which has always made me worse) and jello.  The jello we are used to seeing, the neon red and green food most of us grew up on, is loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring, and color, all of which can possibly wreak havoc an a sensitive tummy.  
My own version, using herbal tea blends and gelatin I trust, was just what I needed when not feeling well.  Now I would like to share a new recipe using REAL fruit!

One of my favorite recipes I am able to digest well because of the Blendtec, is from a favorite author/dietitian of mine, Aglaée Jacob.  She is a digestive health expert and wrote both Digestive Health with REAL Food (DHWRF) as well as Digestive Health with REAL FOOD, the Cookbook.  Her books are like an owner's manual to gut function.  Beginning with the basics of digestion, from chewing the food down to the travel of each particle of food throughout the body, she explains exactly what happens and where.  Many fascinating topics are discussed including food sensitivities, stomach acid, the gut-brain connection, nutrient absorption, FODMAPs, SIBO, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and yes, one we hear often in the digestive world...poop (though it is still a strange word to type!).  

Check out her book above for more ideas and recipes!

Aglaée's focus as a dietitian and soon to be ND, is on the paleo diet, something that may or may not work well for someone with GP.  I've talked with a few who have done a complete 180 by giving up grains (among other dietary changes) and then others who have too difficult a time with the fat and protein amounts.  Either way, the knowledge I gained along with some of the recipes I've used or tweaked have helped me through some pretty tough times. 

Now for the recipe, Aglaée has kindly allowed me to share this with all of you, straight from the DHWRF Cookbook.  Notes in green are my personal recommendations for GP.

"Although it might look like a kid's treat, it packs a nutritional punch.  Gelatin is an excellent source of important amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that can contribute to gut healing.  In addition, each fruity gelatin gummy is an excellent source of protein to maintain and repair your body.  These tummy gummies are also fantastic to curb sugar cravings.  Pop a few a day to supplement your diet with gelatin, especially if you don't have homemade bone broth (her recipe, p. 176) on hand to support you on your healing journey." 
-Page 86


Yields about 2 Cups

1 lb of fruit, fresh or frozen (single or a combination of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango peaches, pineapple, kiwi, etc. ) Blueberries worked best for me but I would also like to try mango and pineapple!  
4-5 Tbsp Gelatin powder (Great Lakes recommended brand)
1/3 cup cold water
A few drops vanilla extract (optional) 

1.  In a small saucepan, heat the fruit (cut non-berry into chunks) for about 20 minutes or until cooked and soft. 
2.  In the meantime, put the cold water in a wide bowl and sprinkle the gelatin over it.  Let it dissolve.  This step is necessary to prevent the gelatin from forming lumps (which would happen if added directly to something hot without dissolving it first). 
3.  Once the fruits are soft, you can either mash them with a fork (for a chunkier consistency) or blend them in a food processor (for a smoother consistency).  Wait until they cool to room temperature to prevent burning yourself.  Use a super blender such as Blendtec to get completely puree the skins and/or seeds.
4.  Add the dissolved gelatin in the warm/hot cooked fruit mixture and whisk quickly to blend it in. 
5.  Transfer the fruit gelatin mixture to a glass dish lined with parchment paper.  The size doesn't really matter but know that the larger the dish, the thinner your gelatin squares will be (and vice versa).  
6.  Let sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours until set. 
7.  Cut into 12 squares (or any shape you want).  Increase the quantity by cutting into smaller sizes for a GP bite size portion.  
8.  Store in the fridge in an air-tight container and pop a few of your tummy gummies a day.  

  • Strawberries, mangoes or blueberries work well for this recipe but you can experiment with a variety of different fruit combinations. 
  • Adjust the amount of gelatin until you find the consistency you prefer.  Lower range will make them softer and upper range will make them more solid.  
  • Tummy gummies can keep in the fridge for at least 4-5 days.  Enjoy as a treat or anytime snack.
  • If you tolerate small amounts of sugar, you can try adding 1-2 Tbsp of honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar to the fruits in the first step when cooking.  To keep low FODMAP and add a few extra calories I added 2 Tbsp's of maple syrup to the blueberries when cooking.  
  • Add 1/4 cup of coconut milk to make the texture creamier and add more healthy fats to your diet.  You might need an extra Tbsp of gelatin to maintain the same consistency since you're adding more liquid.  It might be best to try the gummies alone first to find tolerance before adding fats.  If fat is not well tolerated you could use light coconut milk.  
  • Try to find high-quality gelatin (Great Lakes Gelatin Company is a good example).
  • Pour the gelatin mixture into fun molds (step 5) to make your tummy gummies even cuter.   Looking for some for the next batch!
My own blueberry tummy gummies!
You can learn more about Aglaée Jacob on her website at
She shares her journey with health (now pregnancy!), recipes and more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and has also been known as The Paleo Dietitian.  

Thanks Aglaée for sharing your recipe with us and hope the readers find it as nourishing and tasty as I do. :)

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  1. Hi, Stephanie! What do you know about agar agar, nutritionally and digestive-wise? As a vegetarian, I try to avoid gelatin, and I used to have great success with "jello" made from agar agar. Thanks!