Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank You Mom...AKA "Angel"

Today, after 2 extended flight changes, it finally came.  Tears slowly rolled down my cheeks as I watched the Airporter take my mom south to Seattle for her flight home to Kansas.
She flew in the night before my tube placement and stayed for 2 weeks as I struggled through the pain and complications that endeavered the necessary procedure to get me back on track.  There is nothing more comforting than a mother taking care of all of your needs during a time like this.  Her love and intuition is priceless.  I drew this picture of her and made a little art piece as a thank you gift.

Thank you for holding my hand in the hospital and telling me everything was going to be OK even when it seemed not.
Thank you for making me tea every morning and evening, keeping my dishes clean (every minute!) and washing my clothes to make sure I had my favorite, most comfortable things to wear every day.
Thank you for taking me to my appointments, grocery shopping and running my errands.
Thank you for calming me down every time I panicked over pain and complications.
Thank you for sitting in 5:00 traffic on a Friday in Seattle for 2.5 hours with me so I could get the "damn tube" fixed (as June would say!).
Thank you for entertaining the deer in the neighborhood, chasing after them with the camera.
Thank you for watching silly movies with me every night to keep up the laughs and free the mind.
Thank you for putting up with all of my picky request and adapting to my OCD tendencies (abandoning your own)!

Thank you for walking Spier, visiting his favorite neighbors and taking him to the park.  He loves his grandma!

Above all, THANK YOU for being you and loving me!

A forever grateful daughter,
Stephanie : )