Friday, January 6, 2012

Travel Time...Mexico, Here I Come!

A few months ago my good friend Sue asked if I would like to join her for a week in Mexico for her birthday in January.  Ha!  "Funny," I said, "How could I possibly travel to a foreign country when I'm scared to even be away from home for more than a few hours?"  She insisted I take time to think about it, no pressure.  As the cool, rainy winter weather began to cloud the days my thoughts began to shift.  There has to be a way to escape to this week of sunshine calling my name!

So, I took a chance and booked the trip, with travel insurance of course, just in case I needed to cancel last minute.  We are staying in a nice little condo near the beach with a fully stocked kitchen so cooking for myself won't be a problem.  I've had weeks to plan out the details and make sure I'll have all the comforts and necessities I have at home as well as back up plans in case anything goes wrong.  I'm determined to make this trip relaxing and enjoyable with the least amount of stress. 
For those who have asked, yes, I will be bringing along my feeding tube supplies and plan on continuing that during the night.  As for snacks, they include Macrobars and gluten free crackers.  I'm also bringing along coconut oil for cooking.  I'll keep eating out simple with corn tortillas, white rice and some fish.  Hopefully there will be some nice cooked GP friendly vegetables available.  

My goal is to keep it simple so I can stay relaxed for lots of sunshine, reading and sightseeing! 
My plane leaves tomorrow morning, 7 am, with lots to do's left before I call it a day.  When I return in a week I'll be excited to share the experience through photos, tips, and stories. 

If anyone has any of their own travel experiences please share and wish me luck on my journey!


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