Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SIBO Test Results



I'm beyond ecstatic to know that something is going right!  Since treating the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth back in October and following a low-FODMAP diet, I was pretty sure the results would be good.  Prior to that, even a bite of potato or really any starch for that matter, caused me to bloat up like a melon.  Though the struggle with GP continues (mostly early satiety and pain, difficulty keeping on weight), it is nice to be able to be more flexible with foods and know for sure there is no more of that bacteria creeping and crawling around.  

Now it's time to focus on the new path to wellness, dive into the treatment plan ahead of me, fingers crossed and sharing my journey along the way.

Thanks to all of you out there who have encouraged and supported me along the way!


  1. That's great news, Stephanie! It's an awesome start to your new and continuing journey. I'm with you all the way : ) Thanks for all you do and the knowledge you share with us, you're sooo appreciated!

    1. I too just tested negative for sibo, my question is, now what? The camera capsule endoscopy??? Scared