Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Prayer to Share

Today was a good day.  My sweet and firecracker of a neighbor June, 82 years young, can be often found strolling around the block passing out dog treats, hidden in the deep pockets of her sweater, and visiting with the neighbors.  Since I returned from school 2 weeks ago she has stopped by with a bundle of soft pink fresh cut flowers multiple times.  I'm not sure if she enjoys giving or my sudden weight loss and time at home brought her concern.  Whatever the reason, the cheery bouquets have brought a smile to my face every time along with her company, humor and kindness.

So, today my good friend Stephanie came by today to join me for a walk and on our way home we stopped to say hello to June.  Her home was the first built in this neighborhood in 1950 and she has occupied it since then, originally with her husband Jack who sadly passed away in the 70's.  She invites us in, my first time, and shares with us her musical talents on the organ and piano.  The tunes have a waltz beat to them and her fingers dance around from top to bottom and key to key so flawlessly I can't help but get tears in my eyes.  On our way out she shares photos and stories of her previous lives filled with family, festive parties and musical gatherings.  
The highlight of the visit and what I must share with you is the following mantra she recites for us.  She herself repeats it daily for the health of her poor old cat Merlin, who suffers from cancer of the sinuses.  Later this evening June arrives at my doorstep, mantra in hand scribbled on a purple and pink floral notepad.

"Divine Healing encompasses and penetrates my entire being making me healthy and whole."
Today was a great day because despite the sometimes daily pain and struggle to feel good, my body was filled with joy from the kindness, generosity, and hope.  I hope we can all have a little June in our lives, filling us with a vibration beyond the powers of doctors, medicine and diets.  I ask you to give this mantra/prayer a try when you wake up and as many times as needed throughout the day to feel the power of positive healing.

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