Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Awareness! April Jewelry Giveaway

One of our lovely GP friends, Lora Howard, has created a wonderful way to spread gastroparesis awareness by creating beautiful, custom made jewelry.  I was so excited when I checked out her website and saw how fun and affordable the designs were, and immediately ordered the porcelain awareness bracelet. 
 Cotton's Custom Creations offers affordable, high quality awareness jewelry for all causes.  One of the owners, Johny, lives with gastroparesis, which is what began the inspiration for Lora to make some items for themselves.  When more and more people began requesting their own, the business was born.
From their website www.cottonscustomcreations.com:
"As with all chronic/catastrophic illnesses, making folks AWARE that the disease is not only REAL, but also how it affects the patient, as well as their loved ones and friends is paramount to getting the illness recognized and understood."
All items are created through a collaboration of Lora and Johny's ideas.  Their intent is to get this business up and running so that they can donate a portion of the proceeds to research for the treatment of/cure of this insidious disease.
Check out the website above to read more about the history and heart behind their creations.  
Lora has been kind enough to put the set below together for the giveaway this month!  
To be eligible:
1. Like us on Facebook if you haven't already. 
2. What is your favorite jewelry creation?  This can be for yourself or as a gift to someone you know who would like to help raise awareness.  Leave a comment under the April Giveaway FB post OR leave a comment below. 

Congratulations to Tracy Cooper! If you can please contact me at stephanie@journeywithgp.com for details!

Gift Set                                    
Porcelain Awareness Bracelet
This sweetly simple bracelet features a 20 x 16 mm porcelain bead, hand-painted with the ribbon color of your choice. The bead is surrounded by 6 mm cat's eye and 4 mm crystal AB beads. Two sizes are available, small (approx. 7" circumference) and large (approx 9" circumference. Bracelet is strung on extra strong elastic cording.

Round Porcelain Bead Set
This set includes the Porcelain Awareness (Round) necklace and the Porcelain (round) earrings. The necklace features a 16 mm hand-painted porcelain awareness bead as well as an 8-10 mm heart-shaped glass bead, suspended from an 18" multi-strand cord and ribbon necklace in a color complimentary to your awareness ribbon color. The earrings feature a 16 mm round porcelain bead with a hand-painted awareness ribbon in your choice of color. They are complimented by 4mm cat's eye beads in complimentary colors.


  1. I really like the necklace and earrings.

  2. Right now I think the bracelet is my favorite, but I like them both. I'm pretty excited that I like this awareness jewelry, that's not always the case:)

  3. The bracelet is my favorite awareness piece!