Sunday, April 7, 2013

PBS Station Talks About GP

Award winning PBS show, Call the Doctor, recently did a show on gastroparesis.  The talk begins with the host reviewing what GP is as well as a few statistics, one being the fact that this incurable disorder affects more than 1.5 million Americans alone.

Guests include GI consultant Dr. Suresh Khandekar, GI Dr. Henry P. Parkman from Temple University, and GI Dr. Reezwana Chowdhury.  They review the symptoms, possible causes, diagnosis and treatment options.  In addition, a patient who has lived with GP for a number of years is there to tell her story.  This is the first half of the show. the second half is a live call-in Q & A.

While I didn't learn much more than I already know, it is a great review AND so good to know that awareness is happening in the media.  Maybe one of these days we can get Oprah or Dr. Oz to do one!!

On the JWGP FB page we had a discussion about what you think might have caused your gastroparesis.  There were a variety of answers including:

  • prior surgeries to remove gallbladder or appendix
  • a nissen fundoplication procedure for GERD
  • car accidents
  • stomach virus 
  • gluten and GMO's
  • medications
  • possibly sciatica, which happened 6 weeks prior
  • born with it
  • trauma and stress
  • SIBO
What do you believe contributed to your onset?  Share your thoughts here or on the FB page under Friday, April 7th post.  

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