Saturday, July 27, 2013

Awareness Walk Donation = Exciting A-wear-ness Package!

The Awareness Walk for Gastroparesis 2013 is right around the corner with only 7 weeks to go!  This year we are doing our best to raise funds for research but even more motivated to spread awareness around the globe.  Friends, family, doctors, dentists, grocery store checkers, you name it...they need to see this invisible illness that lives inside us and realize the affect it has on millions of lives.  Do you or a loved one battle with GP?  By wearing it on the outside those around us become curious, ask questions and eventually may want to do something about it.

I recently received an order for a t-shirt from a GP'er who ordered some for herself,  fiancĂ©e and her 12 year old last year.  She tells me they wear them to the Mayo clinic and the doctors just love them.  Plus, her son wears his to school and is able to explain GP to anyone who ask about it!  Here is a picture of my friends son who still loves to sport his T!

With the help of local friends, we have put together a wonderful little a-wear-ness package for donations you make.  Remember to tell your friends and family about it and they can contribute as well.

There are a few options for donating.  If you choose to contribute additional money for research or don't care for any of the products then go to this site to donate directly to the DHA for the walk.  Otherwise, we have the following:

A)  $25 - Includes shipping, 1 Walk for GP T-shirt, 2 Macrobars, and an entrance into the Blendtec drawing (order by 8/20/13).

B)  $35 - Everything included in (A) plus a beautiful awareness necklace made by a local GP friend here in Bellingham!

C)  Add another $8 to either donation for each additional t-shirt to share with family and friends.  This covers the cost plus one extra dollar each to go towards research.  Remember, it is all about spreading awareness!
***See the bottom of this page for details about making a donation.***

The t-shirt design was created last year by our sweet and talented friend Bryan Malley.  He also helped choose this fantastic color for 2013 to help support the GP awareness.  

Necklaces are created and hand painted by Sarah Fredlund, another GP sister here in Bellingham I recently met with.  She is excited to be a part of the team this year and be able to contribute her talents to help raise funds and awareness.  

GoMacro has once again stepped in to help us with the event and will be donating bars to hand out during the walk and use for donations. 

Last but not least, Blendtec has kindly donated their amazing super blender to go to one lucky winner!

***Please send me an email with your choice of donation package and/or if you have any questions.  There will be an option to pay online via credit card or send a check in the mail.

Thank you for the support and look forward to seeing pictures of everyone in their "a-wear-ness" outfits!  


  1. I am putting this on my blog (Melissa's GP Fight) under 'Opportunities'. When I get a moment I will make my donation! Sending my THANKS to everybody for making this possible, yet again!

  2. I often use all the above ingredients but add a tsp of Almond Butter for extra protein.